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    Quote Originally Posted by limey View Post
    So I'm guessing a the dodas you put on to tell if your electrics are wonky, went wonky because not enough duct tape was used?
    Actually, in my case no duct tape was used - this will be rectified once the replacement voltage gauge is installed...

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    I got home around 4pm today after 2495kms and 7 days of fun filled motorcycling.
    It doesn’t sound like much but included lots of fun roads.
    I haven’t been down the Putty for a long time and the northern end is spectacular!

    It had all the normal tropes.

    Someone delayed the ride because they hadn’t thought to pre organise wet weather gear for a ride in Autumn.
    Riding through thunderstorms with multiple lightning strikes.
    Legendary rides from a small few to just have a few hundred extra kms with the crew.
    The banana benders complaining about little things like creek crossings and old blokes dreaming of being tractors.
    A small number staying up late and out consuming the others.
    Sparti, stator, nuff said.

    Great ride guys, thanks for the company.
    This is the wattle, the symbol of our land.
    You can stick it in a bottle, you can hold it in your hand.
    Australia, Australia, Australia, we love you, Amen.
    Crack a tube.


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