Exhaust fitment option for cutom build
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    Exhaust fitment option for cutom build

    Hi, been here a while and I don't normally post unless I can't find the answer somewhere. Basically speaking I have a 03 955i cafe project and need a little help on exhaust options. Finding anything that's not an Ebay fart can and is still low profile is almost impossible. I killed the sub frame for my own design but I'm looking to keep as much of the Frame and bike predictable for someone in the future, or if I need to get rid of it, plus I have the memory of a goldfish and might have to work on it. So, question here is what are my fitment options? I'm willing to replace the headers all the way back, but if I can keep the modification down I'd prefer that. If not...then I'll just weld something up.

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    let us know what you find. I'm fitting an 05 rear end to and 04 and I'm still trying to decide on a pipe. I've got an 05 set of headers that I can install which will increase the range of pipe options I can fit.

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