New Chain/Sprocket, and Rearset options?? 95 Speed trip
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    New Chain/Sprocket, and Rearset options?? 95 Speed trip

    Hey Tripolites... Ive got a 95 speed triple I bought last spring (Minnesota), I need to replace the chain as it has stretched beyond adjustment. I figure I should replace the sprocket set too, and Was curious what the general consensus is for the best option? I'm generally happy with the gearing as is, just dont know what brand is best for my $.

    Also, rearset options tend to be limited, as The left footpeg is broken, and in general the OEM shifter and pegs could use replacement. What do you guys recco ?

    It's hard to come by inexpensive choices, as that is my main concern. If i could find a set that for sure fits the 95 for under 300, (even if used) I would, but unsure if the 2000+ year sets work with my 95...?

    Triumph T595 T509 955i Speed Triple Billet Rear Sets Rearsets Foot Pegs Black | eBay

    CNC Rear Sets Set Rearsets Foot Pegs Triumph T595 T509 955i Speed Triple Silver | eBay

    Also, where would you guys recco to go for purchasing these parts? Ebay? It seems all the places I'd normally look for parts are for japanese motos and my prelim search yielded very limited triumph options, especially for an older bike..

    once i get it sorted and put together I'll post a proper pic after she's all washed up! Thanks heaps for the help comrades. keep the sticky side down

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    There are very few T300 speed triples on this site. We banned the last one that joined. I'll get howled down for this, but there is a forum dedicated to the T300 models on Trat. There are some very knowledgeable owners there who will have some answers for you. I have a 96 speed triple, and thats where I go when I want help.

    I'm pretty sure that the rearsets for the later models will not fit your bike.

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    Yeah, ok, you are right though.
    I haven't been there for years but probably the best option in this case.

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