help identifying an engine...
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    help identifying an engine...

    Hi there I'm new here and need some help, I'm trying to find a speed triple 900 engine, now I think I've found one but the owner is unsure if it's a 750 or 900 does the engine number tell us which or can someone tell me what the obvious differences are?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Externally they're identical. The only difference is crankshaft/rods/pistons. (The 750 is a short stroke motor) Even the cams are the same.

    The easiest way to tell would be to measure the stroke. Pull the plugs and put a long stick or wire down on a piston. Rotate the engine and measure the stroke. 55mm=750 65mm=900

    Hope that helps.
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    I think the outside of the motors are identical. I have a 900, and I have checked the VIN and the Engine Number and I can't see anything about either number that would indicate that it is a 900. There are not many of the first gen. speed triples on this site.

    I would suggest you join TriumphRat website. The have a forum for the T300 models, Speed Triples, Sprints, Tridents and Daytonas. There are guys there who know everything about these models. They should be able to help you. Good luck with your search.

    Edit: OK Crash beat me to the jump. He does know stuff about these bikes!
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