Handlebar Conversion
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    Question Handlebar Conversion

    I'm looking to change the handlebars on my 1995 speed triple from the stock clip ons to the LSL 120T005 riser perches. Found those thanks to Joe Houle from another thread. Pic of the kit:
    I am thinking I will need a longer clutch cable and choke cable. I am new to looking for parts online and am a bit lost on what would be correct fitting for mine. Someone said that a '95 sprint would have compatible parts but even looking for those I am unsure. Has anyone done this mod before and know better which source to pull cables from that I can be sure will fit properly and where to purchase them from?

    Also, i have heard that typically you can re-route the throttle cable to make it long enough to fit higher mount. If not, i'd need a new throttle cable as well, I am assuming. Any evidence to support otherwise?

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    All the Triumphs back in the day were pretty modular, so the parts should be the same except for length. You can probably use cables from a Sprint, Trident, Trophy, or a Tiger of any year up until 1998 or so. These all have higher risers or bars

    Note that your 95 Speed Triple has a hydraulic clutch, so it won't be a cable. You may need a longer hydraulic line for that as well.
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    Just do it the right way and get cables made through Venhill.. That's what all the S4 guys did..

    They will custom make them to your desired length, just contact them.

    Venhill Cables and Braided Stainless Steel Brake Lines | Venhill USA
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