Chain/Sprocket Creaking?
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    Chain/Sprocket Creaking?

    Hi All, I'm a new owner of a 2006 Speed Triple. Love this bike. The weather is cooperating so I've been riding it the last few days. I'm noticing a strange creaking/tapping sound which sounds like it is coming from the front sprocket when letting out the clutch on 1st under load. Goes away as I run through the gears, but then returns as I'm slowing down and downshifting, but only under load. Doesn't occur when the clutch is pulled in, at all. Only under load and down low. Chain initially seemed a bit loose, but I tightened it per spec. Don't know if it is some type of chain slap/rubbing issue, but sounds more like a creak and tap.

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    Chain should be on the looser end spec. Make sure your front sprocket nut is tight ( I seem to remember that being an issue on that year)

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    When you say "but I tightened it per spec" do you mean how you're used to tightening chains? Or did you follow the manual? On this single sided swing arm the chain should be much looser than you would tighten the chain on any other bike. The manual says 35-40mm up and down at the tightest place. That's 1.375-1.5 inches of vertical slop, which is a lot if you're coming from any other bike. If you tighten it too much it'll get jerky and make noises. Try loosening it and see if your issue goes away.

    Also, Doug is right. These do have a tendency to develop loose front sprockets.
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