replaced stator, won't start
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    replaced stator, won't start

    Any ideas? Replaced the stator, regulator and battery. Third one so far over the past 10 years. Used RM parts.
    She was starting but not charging before this. Put it back together and now I can hear the relay click but that's all. I have good voltage on the battery and it runs thru the fax machine quickly.
    Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    How Much voltage have you got?

    Will it bump start?

    I was having starting issues before last Xmas, it'd start cold, but once warm wouldn't restart.
    Ended up putting a starter rebuild kit thru it. She spun up much quicker and stronger after that.
    Then a month or so later I'd experience more intermittent starting issues, where pushing the starter button would result in anything from a click, to a start, to almost a start, to just nothing.
    I ended up challenging one of the diesel fitters at work to solve it one night. He went thru and checked every wire, and then pulled apart the starter switch block. There we found the contacts of the starter button somewhat heavily corroded.
    He cleaned off the corrosion with emery cloth, applied some lithium grease? And retried the starter - fired first time after that. Reassembled, it has been fine ever since.

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