Gear change lights
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    Gear change lights

    I need some interpretation. Im new to motorcycles, im have difficulties with the timing of shifting gears. I want to set up the LED gear change lights but I don’t understand the owners manual when they recommend “ 1250rpm before change up speed” can someone dumb it down?

    I basically want the LED to light when its the right time for me to change gears

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    Don't know what year you have but if it's like my '06 you use the buttons in the instrument pannel to set the engine RPM that you want the double red lights to come on to tell you when to shift. Usually this is a bit below redline, say 9,000 RPM. Then the lights will come on progressively 1st green, 2nd green, 1st amber etc. So if you set the shift change RPM to 9,000 then the first green will come on 1,250 RPM below 9,000 RPM or 7,750 RPM.

    It's really not important and you should be looking at the road, not your instruments. These bikes have massive low end torque and you can ride like a bat out of hell without ever getting into the top of the powerband.

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    Have a look at this youtube, it worked just fine for my 06 speed triple.

    If the link doesn't work just go to -
    Triumph Daytona 675 & Speed Triple 675 (06-0: How to Adjust Shift/Gear Change Lights



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