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    Re: Tried to drag a knee...

    my reply wasnt squid. so there.
    Where did the cheese go

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    Re: Tried to drag a knee...

    Quote Originally Posted by cwb4tx

    My thoughts go along the line you are on here. Dragging your kneee is due to getting OFF the bike so it can stay more upright... (That and setting lean angle so you dont drop the bike over too far) I'd suggest learning body position w/o the knee down in turns: Ass at least half off the seat. Shoulders and head well off center and into the turn. Then drop the knee after this is comfortable. Oh, sticky tires are really advisable too
    e-z nessy. C-dub gives great advice. And yes, it sounds like you were being a and just worrying with getting your knee down.

    Put it this way, I was in I'd say the top 6 or 7(out of about 25 or so) in the Intermediate group at my 1st ever trackday. Many of those that I passed looked much cooler and had waaaay better form than me, but who was going faster? Not to say that they aren't doing the right thing by working on body positioning 1st. That's one thing I wished I would have done. But I'm so accustomed to riding like I do, I just said forget it my 1st trackday, and decided to have fun. I passed many a people with their knees on the ground.

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    Re: Tried to drag a knee...

    ^ +1. You get defensive on objective issues. Try to set aside some ball busting (most guaranteed when no injury results) and think about the advice. No one wants to see another crash on the street, in a parking lot nor on the track.

    You are going to school. I'm sure in your military basic training you heard it was easier to teach firearms to those with no baggage (prior training) than those that were there to impress the range master. You would be better off putting your mind in the Jello mode and let the class lead you to success by taking the proper baby steps. BTW, baby steps is not an insult, it is a fact that is how your brain learns new skills, walk before you run, etc....

    Have fun, lighten up, you are competing against yourself, not these guys.

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    Re: Tried to drag a knee...

    Even on the track the stock rearsets make it challenging to drag a knee without perfect body position. Many times your peg feelers touch down at the same time your knee does.

    Stop trying, concentrate on your body position and get to the track. Trying to drag a knee on the street is just asking to crash hard or get ass-pounded by the 5-0.
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    Re: Tried to drag a knee...

    Quote Originally Posted by legman
    The point is...getting the knee down is a consequence of being real fast. It is not the objective of the exercise.
    That's what I was trying to type...

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    Re: Tried to drag a knee...

    Shaughnessy all you need is a little..... P...A...S...S...I..O...N!!!!! You'll get it.

    My other ride is your daughter!

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    Re: Tried to drag a knee...

    Quote Originally Posted by prizontatt
    trail braking = rear brake. If you use the front brake in a turn it'll stand you up and make you run wide (could be useful at times- obstacle, etc but that's another story)

    I rarely trail brake outside of decreasing radius turns, but for those it's very helpful. It helps you "fall" into the turn if that makes sense... not sure exactly how it works, think because the front wheel is still moving and you apply the rear brakes it's kinda like taking a turn on a bicycle and locking up the rear, how the rear will then slide to the outside of the turn, forcing the front closer to the inside... Although much less dramatic, I believe the theory is the same.
    sorry but this sounds like a high side waiting to happen

    Quote Originally Posted by Shaughnessy
    Completely off topic but in the total control book it talks about braking and using throttle at the same time. Is this what is referred to as trail braking? Can someone explain how to do this and it's purpose? Do you use front or rear brake? If this is not trail braking, can someone explain what trail braking is and how to do it along with the benefits of doing so?
    trail braking is not about what is a term that refers to carrying the brakes into the curve and the amount of braking force that is used at a given position in the curve...instead of braking 100% at the initial breaking point and then letting off 100% what you do is gradually reduce the brake pressure as you approach the apex...say, 100%-75%-50%-25% and finally off the brakes altogether at the apex...not something i would practice on the street either, best left for the track

    and im with most of the others...just stick it out there when you are riding fast...itll come eventually and its much more fun when you feel it accidentally for the first time

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    dumb jam
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    Re: Tried to drag a knee...

    you guys need more bendy roads and roundabouts !!

    OR book a track day?

    try and relax, put less pressure on yourself to do this. (just not worth binning the bike for) one arse cheek off the bike, ball of your foot on the peg, nice even speed, push out that knee.........sccccccrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. happy days. i still don't understand the 'obsession' with it though........


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    Re: Tried to drag a knee...

    Slept on it and I am sorry guys, must have been in a sour mood last night. Still pissed at myself for dropping it! I understand I should not be "obsessed" with getting a knee down but I really just want to be prepared for this class I am taking in July and didn't want to go in trying to learn how to do too much at once when I could get familiar beforehand and just hone my skills (or lack thereof) in the class.

    Didn't mean to get all pissy just hate being called a squid... Sometimes the truth just doesn't go down well...
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    Re: Tried to drag a knee...

    Don't beat yourself up mang, at least you're taking some classes and trying to learn......don't rush it. Haven't done a track day yet, so this is just my opinion but I say "check your ego at the door." You will be passed and better to let them go, than ride outside your limits trying to keep up. Your racing yourself not anyone else.

    Glad you and the bike are OK after the laydown.


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