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    Quote Originally Posted by jaket View Post
    mать Россия

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    i would say don't brake check the car you just passed

    my favorite part is anti checking his car before the rider

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    Biker was probably just wanting to suggest some real music to listen to.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bad Santa 1050 View Post
    Just when you think it can't get worse, Crash comes along and informs you that not only is the glass not half full, but it is stolen and contains a mix of horse semen, urine, laxative and viagra, right after you swallowed a mouthful...
    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Houle View Post
    ...no ink and going baconless on your bacon cheeseburger is about the most rebelious thing you can do these days.

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    Road paint. It's FRICKIN SLIPPERY!!! Be super careful when you're starting from a stop light on crosswalk markings etc... because you're gonna slide if you don't pay attention. Double yellow lines and the like are slickery too!

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    Don't assume because the car in front of you is executing a lane change, and is 99% over...that you're clear to pass. Because they have the [legal] right to swing right back into your lane if they haven't fully gotten over yet. Wait for all four tires to cross that line. This is what bit me in the ass and why my last wreck put me at fault. Stupid I know...anyway, just sharing a lesson learned.

    One more: Don't assume, that just because the other lanes are moving at speed, that your lane is moving at speed too.

    In this situation, I was just riding with the flow of traffic in the fast lane and was coming down this downhill section of the hwy that curved to the left. You can't see around this corner because the jersey wall is so damn high. Also, there wasn't a car in front of me to watch for their brake lights as an initial indicator of something up ahead. As the other lanes came into view as we made our way around this corner, I saw they were still moving at speed so I assumed mine was too, and I maintained my speed. Nope. Sure enough, right as I finally gained view up ahead of our lane, I saw cars at a dead stop. haha, had about 5 car lengths to go from 80 to 0. That wasn't happening. Thankfully I had a clear space to quickly switch lanes. Butthole puckered alright...didn't relax until about 2 days later.

    So with that story, I thought of another safety tip and this one is one they preached at BRC: Always have an escape route!!

    aaannnddd this is my first post, I'm new here, hello all, I picked up a 2012 non-r as a replacement for the bike I totalled in my first safety tip example. I pick her up this Tuesday
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    Know how long it takes to stop your bike. group rides take away your ability to react to road conditions. flirting with that hottie next to you for 2 seconds is enough to wreck! drinking impairs judgement. A deer is still softer than a tree. the tree will kill you, the deer might kill you. excellent thread and I appreciate everyones input.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BG-S3-SE View Post
    If your tired, hungover, sick or just in a bad mood take the cage. You can stop and get a coffee and crank up the tunes and then go for a ride when you can have your head in it.

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    What was it I read? Over 80% of motorcycle accidents are caused by riders? Riding smart, period. That figure is probably inflated because motorcycles attract assholes. I'm sure none you lot are hooligans


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