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    Quote Originally Posted by dr_gallup View Post
    So I got a nice new Bridgestone S21 mounted up at a shop I've never used before. I went there because the local Triumph dealer will no longer mount tires you bought elsewhere and most of the other dealers and parts places have upped their mount & balance price to $50 labor to which they add tire disposal and shop supplies fees. Really, shop supplies? A little bit of soapy water and air is worth $7.50? Anyway, I was looking at it after I got it home and it's mounted backwards from how all my other fronts have been mounted. I've always kept the valve stem pointing to the right same as the rear wheel. The tread pattern is obviously directional although the tire has absolutely no direction of rotation markings on it. So are our (2006) front wheels symmetrical? I can't see any difference left to right other than the direction the valve stem points. Rotors are pretty unmarked so I don't think it will adversely affect braking to put the wheel on "backwards". Thoughts?
    I ran my 07' that way a few times and couldn't tell any difference, but what do I know, I'm the guy that runs those cheapie Shinko's.
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    I don't think it matters but if you look close you'll find an arrow on the wheel.

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    My mistake, these tire treads are supposed to look opposite front to rear. I don't know why. There is a highly stylized arrow molded into the sidewall, looks more like a hockey stick to me and does not say direction of rotation. The mechanic pointed this out and showed bikes on the showroom floor mounted like that. However, there were just as many fronts that looked the "right" way. These "backwards" fronts look like they would pile up water under the front rather than evacuate it but hey, I don't ride in the rain anyway. I was still skeptical until I googled it and found plenty of other people questioning it. Bridgestone definitely shows the S21 front tread looking reversed from the rear. They also claim the S21 will last longer than the S20 and stick better. Time will tell.


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