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    Funny, thats how I see it too. But the knuckleheads at trat say stuff like " the first check always requires adjustment. After that, you're golden". Or " these bikes need the chain on the tight side, not the loose side". I wonder if there is an alternative universe there? ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rnexussix View Post
    Makes sense. Everyone I know who checked at 20k had no reason to adjust.
    I have the original 955 mill but all of my exhaust were out of spec @ 20k. Some down to .002. Half the intake were out, not by much, but still out.
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    After reading a few forums about this I realised checking the 2011 at 20k seemed overkill. I checked mine at 29k or let's call it 30k. All in spec right in the middle of the range. I change oil n filter every 5 k with fully synth. Ride hard. Allow the engine to warm up before even thinking about stressing it. I think 40k should be the first check for us folks who are mechanically sympathetic to our engines. Thoughts?

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    I feel just like you. I don't abuse or overstress the bike in anyway. So the valve check to me seems a bit much every 12k.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Berkdogg View Post
    I feel just like you. I don't abuse or overstress the bike in anyway. So the valve check to me seems a bit much every 12k.
    Sell it. Sell it now...
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    any advice for finding TDC on the crank?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jbmadness View Post
    any advice for finding TDC on the crank?
    Well, ideally you get the proper spark plug adaptor for your dial indicator and use that to find TDC by watching the needle.

    Or you could roll the crank around until the cam sprocket marks line up.

    Or... you do like everyone else on the planet and just rotate the crank and watch the lobes on the cam until they're about 180º from the bucket before measuring the gap.
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    36k Check 2007 S3.

    Intakes are all good.

    4/6 exhaust are slightly high. Between .305-.33 . Used offset feelers and verified with accuracy via mic. I don't have metric feelers for greater accuracy.

    Am I needing to get some shims?

    Edit: Read early in the thread another user who was in my situation and previous posters confirmed that looser isn't bad. I'm going to button it up and use as-is.
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