Replacement of gear selector shaft 2011 speed triple
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    Replacement of gear selector shaft 2011 speed triple

    Hi all.
    Had a bit of an incident and had to lay the bike down on the left hand side. Fortunately, not mich damage at all but the biggest thing is the gear selector shaft snapped off right at the engine so there is no way of changing gears.

    Is it a definite that the engine needs to be removed in order to replace the whole shaft or is there some other workaround?


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    I've never done it but from my '06 manual, the second step is to split the cases:

    Selector Shaft, Selector Forks and Drum:

    1. Remove the engine from the frame (see page 9-2)
    2. Separate the two halves of the crankcase (see page 5-4).



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