Hello from Berkeley,CA (USA)
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    Hello from Berkeley,CA (USA)

    I am hunting for my first Triumph. I've wanted a Triple for decades, loved everything about them, buying one has just never worked out. I had the same problem trying to find and buy a Chevelle Super Sport. Somebody would always beat me to the punch and be driving out the driveway or off the lot the minute I pulled in.

    My aim is on a relatively low-mileage 2008 to 2011 Speed Triple that hasn't been beaten up too badly. All the better if it already has the standard tweaks I've seen Triple daily riders typically install, from a decent windshield for highway travel to radiator guard that shrugs of road debris that could ruin one's whole day.

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    Stick with the hunt for the Chevelle SS. It would be more fun.

    BTW, most of us here are still in favor of manholes and natural gas. I hope you’re not easily offended.

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    Originally Posted by m4ppy
    I have always ridden Aprilias and Ducati bikes, but after years of failing electrics and parts failing off I moved over to Triumph.

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    I test rode a beautiful 2009 Speed Triple 1050 at Marin Speed Shop day before yesterday. That bike was better than sex I tell you. Oh, and by the way, as a 62 years old Black Trans Woman and Lesbian who doesn't hide behind fake online names and I respect people the same online as in real-life. Having been born during Jim Crow of the 1950s, I couldn't afford to be easily offended or thin skinned because I faced and continue face physical, mental, and emotional abuse every day for just existing and daring to travel outside the lane that society predestined for me.

    A bit about me . . .
    I learned to drive a stick on a John Deere tractor around the age of 11. At the age of 14 my cousin Vernon, a Coast Guard Officer, taught me how to ride a small beat up Honda motorcycle in a plowed over corn field on the family farm just outside of West College Corner, a town that because it was founded before Indiana was a state is half in Ohio and half in Indiana, and I've been wrenching and riding motorcycles, cars, and eventually boats and small aircraft, ever since. Though born at Freedman's Hospital while my parents were at Howard, I was mostly raised in equal parts Madisonville, Ohio then Westover AFB when it was a Vietnam Era SAC base near Chicopee, Massachusetts; Cincinnati, Oh; Mesa, Az then San Francisco and Berkeley.

    I've mostly owned and rode Kaw 750s of various kinds over the past 35 years except for a 2013 Yamaha FZ6R I bought in 2014 because I was trying to not attract as much attention in the retirement community I was at in Mesa, Arizona. As you probably guessed, that didn't really work. So my aim is to get a Speed Triple 1050 from between 2009 and 2011. Whatever year I end up with, I will also be looking for a complete engine case sans the guts. I mean no internal hardware at all necessary. My intention is to utilize that case in creating a stealth battery electric drive train with range extender, including a virtual clutch and gear shift.

    The virtual clutch and gearset will be programmable to match the recorded character underload of a broad spectrum of bikes with similar suspension and typical IC engine configurations. Mechanical feedback will be created using a special infrasound driver connected to a hard-point on the frame, and generating a broad spectrum of natural feel most of us unconsciously used to inform us what kind of control input to the bile and when to initiate it.

    That part of the design has been percolating in my brain ever since I saw Les Paul in a New York Club one night describe the Line 6 amp and speaker modeling technology. What he said made sense scientifically and also as a guitar picker myself I couldn't argue with the incredible sound quality produced. Over the next few years, my Marshall stacks and other gear gradually were retired in favor of Line 6 amp and speaker combos.

    Something most people are blissfully ignorant of is that very few cars are built without a significant investment in psycho-acoustic automotive modeling. Rarely does anyone hear a car that doesn't also have a significant part of the sound synthesized and piped into the greenhouse via the speaker system. Motorcycle designers spend tens of millions on creating a unique and viseral experience, hell Harley Davidson invested 9 years in court in a failed attempt to assert proprietary rights over the exhaust sound alone.

    The infrasound and the audible engine and drivetrain sounds I plan on will, as with Line 6 software, firmware, hardware, be physics-based - not a souless recording played back. There will be artistry of a kind but what will be recorded are real world metrics of a live machine under various road conditions and loads.

    I also plan the creation of a kit for people to modify or create whatever sound and feel they want. One feeling I plan to capture and apply to a pure electric bike is that of a vintage late 1940s to early 1960s gas turbine engines used in the first fighters.

    Check out this excert from the article in Line 6: Inside the Tone Modelling Factory | Sound On Sound
    Guitars & Modelling
    Before taking a look at the various R&D departments around the factory, I had the chance to talk to Marcus and Michel, and was curious to find out why they had chosen the road of guitar modelling rather than, for example, synthesizers. Marcus explained that while synthesists were already well catered for, guitar players still found it difficult to get exactly the sound they wanted and in the mid-'90s, DSP power was getting cheap enough to apply to finding a solution. While many players can set up one sound that works for them, life becomes more difficult when they need to switch between sounds, and where external effects are part of the sound, repeatability also becomes a problem.

    The Line 6 approach was to model not only the sound of the amplifier but also the speaker cabinet and the way it would be miked in a studio session. On top of this, the company developed numerous effects algorithms including a digital emulation of the spring reverbs used in typical guitar combos, and all this technology was put into the Axsys 212 combo. Though this was very easy to use when compared to keyboards, some guitar players still felt it was too daunting, so when the next range of amplifiers was developed, the Line 6 engineers moved much closer to the look and feel of a conventional guitar combo.

    Disclaimer: I am from a Pre-Internet generation who transitioned from letter writing to long form discourse on dial-up BBS, followed by Internet command line era, followed then by the HTML enabled, browser based world wide web. If posts beyond the length of a tweet, using language above the grades school level cause you to melt down, please stop now.

    Let me give you just to examples of hundreds I could share about tolerating heaping steaming piles of bovine excrement . . .
    As a teen a fellow band member's older sister, a perfect earth mother, hippy chick, and general badass was the main squeeze of 1%er in the Iron Horsemen MC, Cincinnati, Ohio. Her man would ask her to make something happen like walk a few joints around the block to some friend, and she would tell us to go do it. We didn't screw up and I guess they thought we met the minimum standard of cool enough to occasionally hang with. I know what other people think of them but the guys I knew were complex people that along with club duties also did family outings like the Annual WEBN 102.7 FM Riverfest & Fireworks. I was actually heartbroken as a kid when I realized I could ride as an Iron Horseman. Then as now, the motorcycle world was hella racist and misogynistic. There weren't then and likely never will be any Non-White Iron Horsemen, there certainly aren't likely to be any Cisgender Females riding full patch, much less Trans Women. I mean, I get that they were seriously scary bad guys, it's just that I have some good memories of even the most deadly. I still love them, but pretty much from a distance.

    Needless to say, being fragile wouldn't really work around that crowd.

    At the same time that was going on . . .
    Back in the late 1960s and early 1970s, my best friend in high school, Sandy "Michael" Lee, had grown up in Hazard, Kentucky, just past Jackson and south of the Red River Gorge in Danial Boone State Park. Though his mom and sister had moved north to Cincinnati, so he could go to a better and safer school, his family was still mostly there in the south.

    Whenever we went backpacking and camping at the Gorge we would try to make time and visit his hometown, great food, great family, beautiful country. His Uncle Daryl ran White Lightening, what some call 'moonshine', delivery there bouts, and would teach the two of us details of building what he called "Sleepers", basically totally innocent, street stock looking and sounding race cars with hidden second tanks for what I called the corn squeezins, purpose-built for eluding pursuit by Hazard Police and Perry County Sheriffs, because at the time it was a dry county and this was before Kentucky was growing weed as a provisionally safer, major underground cash crop.

    It may not surprise you that I was the first live Black person seen for over a generation, in either of those towns. I made folks uncomfortable just by being there, so you can imagine how warmly received my occasional visits were. Chasing and trying to beat the living crap out of me and Michael just on principle, became kind of hobby for the local kids down that way. Michael went away to school because he was the only hippy-like, pot smoking, long haired White boy in a hundred miles, and I was, "That Damn Niggra!" he ran with.

    In case you don't know, 'Niggra' is how many Southern Whites call you a Nigger to your face and somehow think they are outsmarting you. Just brilliant, because somehow by not technically saying the word Nigger that isn't still an insult, right?

    An interesting SF Bay Area connection with Hazard, Kentucky is a native daughter of that small piece of sod, Prof. Louann Brizendine, MD, an American scientist, a neuropsychiatrist who is a researcher, clinician, and professor at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), and an alum of UC Berkeley, Yale School of Medicine, and Harvard Medical School. She is the author of two books: The Female Brain and of course The Male Brain. Frankly I am no where near as surprised at the position her published work defines of biological determinism. There are ways that the San Francisco Bay is as irrationally social regressive as any part of the midewest that I grew up with. Because of that familiarity with this mindset I am less disturbed by it than how so many people refuse to face and deal with it.

    So me being easily offended or thin skinned? Obviously NOT really a thing.
    What I have observed is that the people most concerned with other people being over sensitive are themselves mentioning this because of something about the subject that objectively triggered them, you know, like 'natural gas' and 'climate change', and the typical things kitchen-sinked along with that trope like extinction of the white race, the mongrel races (like mine) pulling America down et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

    Oh, yes, and that whole 'Political Correctness' thing.
    My generation had a different term for that back in ancient times. You may have heard of it, Manners.
    Full disclosure, people who chew food with there mouth open is like nails on a chalkboard for me. I grin and bear it because making a scene during dinner would make the situation worse. I think that is common sense even were it not actually in just about every book on manner, etiquette, deportment. A point utterly lost on people who act a fool over irrational claims political correctness is magically taking over the country.

    And as for burning natural gas thing . . .
    When our civilization's short-sighted obsession with comfort as a singular goal in life, when our selfishness and self-serving greed and stupidity catches up with us, when only the wealthy and powerful can afford to draw unaided breath and clean water to drink, I have the necessary survival skills honed over a lifetime, from scouting as a kid to wilderness backpacking as a teen and adult to fall back on.

    There is nothing I have ever chosen to own, from bicycles, to trucks, to houses that I didn't teach myself how to personally fix as a general rule. I appreciate help and support of friends, people I love and respect, but I never depend on anyone, and as you can see on my online journal https://sidach.org, my life long motto since my early 20s is Fírinne Roimh Chompord or Truth Before Comfort.

    So I truly hope you are not easily offended . . .

    Muirén Ní Sídach (An Iníon Dubh)
    She/Her, Technomage, Founding Architect of Fleet Réalta Cooperatives
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bad Santa 1050 View Post
    Just when you think it can't get worse, Crash comes along and informs you that not only is the glass not half full, but it is stolen and contains a mix of horse semen, urine, laxative and viagra, right after you swallowed a mouthful...
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    ...no ink and going baconless on your bacon cheeseburger is about the most rebelious thing you can do these days.



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