2011 Early Bug Eye
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    2011 Early Bug Eye

    Hi Guys,

    I'm from sunny Essex in the UK and take care of my wife's 1050 Speed T. Its a 2011 registered bugeye with metal tank. Basic mod low slung carbon end can and K&N filter.

    It runs a little rough when cold and is a bit lumpy on pick up. Looking forward to some TuneECU chat after my success on the old 955 Sprinti had!

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    Before you get too worked up I'd try the famous "Twelve minute tune." You can do this with TuneECU, or you can do it manually. Follow this process.

    Start with your bike completely cold.
    Start it up and let it idle without touching the throttle.
    Let it idle up to operating temperature. Still don't touch the throttle.
    After it is up to operating temperature, let it idle for 12 more minutes without touching the throttle.
    Shut it down.

    What this does is force the bike to clear all the environmental data that it's stored in its database (known as "adaptives") and rebuild it. With TuneECU there is a button to "Reset Adaption" under the "Tests" tab.

    This process has been known to solve a lot of irritating problems like you mentioned. In theory your bike is supposed to adapt on the fly to environmental data from things like the ambient temperature and air pressure sensors. In practice sometimes this data piles up and needs to be cleared. Give it a try.

    After that, look into installing "The Tune of Death." (TOD) While not the highest horsepower tune out there, it is one of the smoothest. (Note: When installing a new tune you will be prompted to "Reset Adaption" anyway.)
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