Hi there! I need some help :)
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    Hi there! I need some help :)

    Greetings from Barcelona!

    I am on the verge of buying a 2016 Speed Triple R, since I amb a bit tired of my current Suzuki sv650s after 70.000 miles on it. The thing is that I have some doubts regarding pillion comfort. I know these bikes haven't been built taking into account pillions, but I like to take my girlfriend on rides around the city, to the beach...nothing long (half an hour to one hour) and nothing fast. The rider seat and position feel awesome, and I love the look of those two upper exhausts. In fact, if I buy it (fingers crossed) I will buy the SC-Project carbon ones. What about the pillion? Is the seat too uncomfortable for short rides? What about the exhausts? Is it. going to feel like sitting over a volcano? Do they get too hot? I wouldn't want her to get burnt by them, and I've never had a bike with under-the-seat exhausts before...She does not complain about the SV, so what do you think?

    Any help will be appreciated guys!!


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    In my opinion, these bikes are not made for passengers (FYI, mine is an older '06 so maybe the newer ones are different). I took my passenger pegs off, looks much cleaner.



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