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    Well, when her new bike gets here I will do some back to back comparisons, maybe alternate between sessions on each bike during a track day...

    I wouldn't be surprised to see if the "little" bike is neck and neck in performance with the Speedy, and in some cases like tight twisty roads, even better.

    Which I would hope spurs Triumph to up the ante on the Speedy... they have refined(aka milked) it long enough and the competition has much more competent bikes as a result...

    It's a fantastic bike, don't get me wrong, but I was expecting more, to be honest. It cranks out 2 less HP than my 2011 did on the same dyno, so I was a little bummed. That one spat out 124hp at the wheel and so I was hoping to be in the upper 120's... When I saw barely 122hp, I was a little let down. I know, 5-6hp isn't a huge deal... I just feel that a bike that is 6 years newer and boasting "104 new engine parts" would at least perform as well as the old one...

    I really enjoy it, it is fast and fun and sexy... But I do wish that it had a stronger motor... Once you have ridden literbikes it's always harder to go back...

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    675s were always better around race tracks than Speedy, thus it would be only natural that the 765 evolution will be better again at the track - particularly tight and technical tracks. With that said, I'd bet that on faster more flowing tracks such as Bathurst or the Isle of Mann, the 1050 will keep the little brother at bay - same goes for open road as well.

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    Yeah, I might just do that. I usually like to go down 1 tooth in the front so that it moves the wheel back a tad, that way the extra drive isn't just wasted with more wheelies...
    I love this the casino norge anytime


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