Two Engines, Running-ish
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    Two Engines, Running-ish

    So, I recently purchased a 2006 speedy that included 2 engines, both not really suitable for my restoration project of the bike. Ended up getting a newish 2013 engine to put in, and now she's back on the road!

    Now, I have 2 engines in my garage that need to go quickly. Here's what I know about them:

    Engine 1) Never put it in the bike, came on a separate pallet. Only visible damage is a stripped TB mount bolt. No idea if it runs or not. Seller said it was removed from bike for a swap, so assume the worst.

    Engine 2) Was installed in bike when purchased, seller installed and forgot a spacer, so the rear lower crankcase is cracked. I jb welded it together to test if it would run with oil, and she fired right up. Ran once, then removed to put in new engine. The cases are a little scratched. This one has throttle bodies.

    If you're near Dallas, I'll let them go for very cheap. If you need a part shipped, make me an offer! I'd rather not ship entire engines because my small car makes it very hard.

    OR:: Trade me for cool motorcycle stuff. Really just need these out of the garage.

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    PM me, I am sometimes near dallas, and I like very cheap engines that may or may not be running..
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    Just like his sexual conquests...
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    ^ at least he's had sex, you're just an hermaphrodite liberal.
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