Fork tube rings?
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    Fork tube rings?

    Hi lads
    Just a quick question, how many rings show on your fork tubes above the top triple clamp?
    I'm asking because I'm almost certain something funny is up with my speedy, I bought it second hand and it seems as though there is WAY to much lean forward, first time I really had the thing through twisties and it got all front heavy and VERY unsettled.

    The ride height is supposedly 32.1 inches stock, this weekend comparing my mates z1000 side by side that is 32.3 high, my speedy seat is about an inch or two higher?

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    Re: Fork tube rings?

    mine are flush with the triple tree.

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    Re: Fork tube rings?

    Mine were about flush before I shoved the tubes up. I don't think I could have made it higher. Maybe not a stock shock on the back? hoo, my vajayjay hurts/my bike is acting up/ ive never driven more than 2 hours at a time...... CCC/Trademarked

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    Re: Fork tube rings?

    The caps on mine are over the triple clamp, but the gold fork tubes are flush w/ the top.

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    Re: Fork tube rings?

    My other ride is your daughter!

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    Re: Fork tube rings?

    Dont' worry about how many rings. If you're going to take the time to mess with it, do it right and set it for front sag. As far as I can tell, unless you're running the track, doing it while the bike is stationary is just fine, then adjust from there if necessary.

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    Re: Fork tube rings?

    Setting sag is fairly easy, and important for the basic ride quality of the bike - think of it as the baseline for any further mods.
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    Re: Fork tube rings?

    I dunno if sag makes sense... or maybe I just don't understand.

    Basically I'm a BIG guy, the speedy seems to put the centre of gravity in my rib area rather than in the ab/crutch region, I only really worked out why I was unhappy with the speedy when I rode my mates Z1000 and realised how much I hipped his bike around with incredible ease.

    perhaps I need to look harder into whether speedy indeed has an aftermarket long rear shock. On first glance it doesn't appear to be.



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