Sup guys. Haven't logged in for quite a while.

So I've had my '99 since 2014, absolutely love it. Put about 20k miles on it over the years. Been through all of it.. custom wire harness to address the ground issue, teflon d675 caliper pistons, 1050 clear headlight lenses, custom tuned it on a dyno with tuneecu. Had a blast working on it and riding it.

Bought a '15 FJ09 in '17. Put over 7,000 miles on it but just never fell in love with it. Didn't have the torque and overall it was just a let down. Consistently missed 1-2 shift, jerky throttle (not fixed by a tune I ordered for it), pretty bad suspension and geometry, and a feeling of fragility. I was moving from KY to AZ so I sold it. Now that I'm settled in AZ I picked up a Sulphur Yellow '13.

I rode a few bikes. '11 Ninja 1000, '17 KTM Duke GT (most disappointing bike ever), '18 Speed Triple, and this '13. The '18 was a fantastic bike but I just didn't want to spend that much. The '13 felt just as quick and refined, and that arrow low boy sounds like sex. So I brought it home.

I just ordered the SW Motech blaze saddlebags. I had the givi 3d600 bags on my FJ but they're too bulky and scratch too easy. And also grabbed a kaoko throttle lock. Says CRG bar end mirrors only so hopefully the Triumph accessory mirrors are the same size. If not I have friends that can make me an adapter if its too small or lathe it if it's too big

I thought the bike cruised beautifully at 80 mph. "there's no way I'm going this fast." Pulled the sprocket cover to make sure it was stock and it is. Idk why but wind seems way better than my '99 or the FJ. Then I pulled up the arrow map and the stock map on tuneecu, surprised how little difference there is in fueling and timing. I do not know what map is on mine but I'm probably going to leave it as is. Runs totally fine.