2001 S3 - Bearings for Swing Arm, Suspension Linkages, Rear Wheel
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    2001 S3 - Bearings for Swing Arm, Suspension Linkages, Rear Wheel

    Iím about to tackle a complete swing arm refurb and would appreciate any advices as to where I can purchase bearings etc that I need to overhaul swing arm, suspension linkages and rear wheel.
    Iíve come across a couple of comprehensive articles on the above and have a Haynes manual but Iím all ears for any advices people have to offer.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Did mine a few years ago,all available from my local bearing specialist,make sure you get fully populated needle rollers some of the
    cheaper alternatives are a bit light on bearing surface,they wiil work but wont last, the seals supplied to me were better quality than
    original fitment,not had any water ingress since the job was done, I strip clean and inspect/fresh grease every other year due mainly
    to uk shit weather, the wear occurs when the grease hardens,my rear wheel had minimal play and rear suspension was harder to
    compress, didn't look too bad when removed but mega improvement with new bearings installed, all my shafts and links re-usable.

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    Check out Sprint Manufacturing in the UK. I believe they make all the bearings and seals that you need, and cheaper than OEM.

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    The best bet is always to pull bearings and source from local supply or online. You'll be able to find identical bearings for much less than Triumph charges for them in their packaging.
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