2000 955i cranks but won’t start 😞
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    2000 955i cranks but won’t start 😞

    Hey everyone, just got back from deployment and decided to try and get the old 955 running again. I replaced the stock air box with abs piping and cone filters. I also swapped out the battery with a lithium one that is reading 12.8 volts. I have the air sensor ziptied to the frame for now and left the crankshaft ventilation hose disconnected. All the vacuum hoses are hooked up on the throttle body, and the stock flashers were replaced with leds to pull less current. I remeasured and replaced all the valve shins, lapped the valves, and replaced all the valve stem seals and retimed the engine. For whatever reason, she cranks and almost starts but just won’t. I disconnected the fuel tank and tried spraying starter fluid down the throttle body but that isn’t helping. TPS sensor was good last time I checked. Is the battery not powerful enough to turn it over? Do I need to remap the engine prior to getting it start? Any and all help is much appreciated.

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    You can't do that. This engine management system requires the airbox. It'll never run right without it.
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