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    Looks good. I've always liked the looks of that bike.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sparti View Post
    Very tidy job. Do you have any pics of the mounting fabrication.
    Not many , it was a long process so I didn't document it very well.

    Here is one that you can see the added front section in the frame mock up and the top shock mount. I had a spare frame I used for mock up then installed in a completed bike. The bottom shock mount is attached to the stock Triumph dog bones , the front end of the dog bones are attached to the underside of the swing arm with 3 hole brackets that give a small amount of height adjustment.

    Here is the finished top mount in the frame , luckily the ZRX has a large under seat compartment (battery and storage area) that I was able to modify for the mono shock.

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    Nice work. Thanks for posting.


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