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    That motor makes the sweetest sound in the world. Something happened right at 7:05. Did you got a little greedy on the throttle ?

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    great ride for a first time, looks like your not afraid, hold off turning in too early, keep the revs up, Do a CSS class and have fun!
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    Quote Originally Posted by CrackShotDave View Post
    Hey Your are on the money it was literally the most fun i have had and riding on the road now is different..... If anything, it has calmed me down alot, its all about the track.....

    the temp was about 28 i think and clear blue sky in Perth meaning track temp would be fairly hot.
    Tyre temps were 32 front and rear i believe.
    Yeah it really is awesome. I used to race offroad r/c cars up and down the East coast. Did it for five years and was pretty heavily into it. After buying my first bike (FZ-07) I really slowed down on my old hobby. I did a track day and almost immediately sold all my r/c shit!

    Gotha, thanks. It was pretty warm then. What tires did you run? I'm wondering if I need tire warmers at this point... I'm concerned with a cold tire low side. The last thing I want to do is hurt my new baby.

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    not bad for your first trackday. Just remember that when you are in a corner and you open the throttle, you will not close that throttle until you brake for the next corner. If you open the throttle to speed up in a corner and then have to get off the throttle again, next time around you need to brake later and slow down less for the corner. One of the biggest mistakes track riders make is slowing down too much for a corner and then trying to make up their speed with too early throttle. Once you're back on the throttle it does not roll back off. You need to keep the load on the rear wheel and you'll have much smoother corner exits. I suggest you stay in the group that you're in. I imagine there has to be some sort of control rider out there. A good line on the track with smooth, predictable throttle control will get you faster and moving up groups.
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