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    Quote Originally Posted by nugpop View Post
    Hello all, my Speed Triple has developed a condition where the front brake must be pumped once for a solid response. To be clear, there is a 1/2 inch (or more) difference between the first pull of the brake and a second pump. Further, it doesn't stay pumped... every time I apply the brakes, I have to do a double pump. Really frustrating, as the system has been bled countless times to no avail, master cylinder replaced under warranty (no difference) and most recently ABS pump replacement (no difference). Any ideas as to what else would cause this to happen?

    View this link to view how to use bleed the brake.
    Have you get the solution of this issue?

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    I have exaclty the same issue on my '16 triple since I changed stock pads.

    I have read simiilar thread at rat forum and my opinion is the same and I think crashmasterd is right
    It's caliper problem, especially seals one. People bled system many times, replaced, pads, master cylinders, even ABS unit - problem returns in a while - it's piston and/or seals dirt/damage.
    Also, when fitting calipers, always pump brake lever and hold it before tightening caliper mounting bolts, as manual says.

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    100% caliper problems, Crash is spot on,had the issue twice with my 955 over 6 year period, changing caliper seals cured it
    first time, second time needed pistons as well probably needed pistons from the get go,stainless is poor quality,look at em
    with a magnifying glass and you will see micro rust pits,makes the piston seals grip the piston and act like a return spring,
    not bad enough to make them leak,put the gsxr front on But all brake components remained the same except the caliper's
    not had a problem since,have done a few for others and had good quality replacements made from marine grade stainless,
    problem gone and not returned.

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    Yep, what brittrip said is spot on, my 955 was the same, bleed the brakes and they're ok for 5 minutes then they sponge up again.
    Rebuilt master cylinder same deal, rebuild the callipers and you'll be gold.


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