replacing turn signals ( speedy 2011)
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    replacing turn signals ( speedy 2011)

    I managed to snap the rubber mounted left front turn signal recently, had duct taped the fuker and hoped it would hold, but no dice. Superglued the thing back together today...but will probably need to change it. Have peeked around the forums and found a few bits and bobs of advice. Seems like I can take the wiring out the current lens and connect to a new one? Simple job? Any special tools needed? Or will need to lift the tank and remove the air box to thread the wiring through to where it needs to lock in?

    Does it have to be a speed triple precise turn signal? More keen on the blinkers getting seen than the looks. Any suggestions of economical options for an Aussie, would be great!

    Also need to change the rear left. The previous owner had some tiny blinkers which wouldnt pass the RWC so his mechanic put whatever was at hand to get it to pass and left them on. May as well to both left side to get them looking a bit like their counterparts on the right! Changing the rear ones...tricky job? Ill get hunting on the forums.

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    The housing uses little spade connectors, no need to pull the tank
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    Don't know too much about your next gen from mine model, but if your wiring is the same as mine you can run whatever you you can physically mount and connect wires too. If your model came with LED indicators standard, then you should be able to run aftermarket LED items without needing to change the flasher relay.

    I've run indicators off a fireblade as well as close to a dozen different items off eBay, spening no more than 15 bucks for a pair. If your in a hurry and want to spend more, I'm sure MCAS Ringwood or Peter Stevens will have summat that'll fit hopefully suit your tastes...

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