Map for SP3 R ABS 2014 lowboy
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    Map for SP3 R ABS 2014 lowboy

    Hi Folks,
    Curiosity might kill the cat with this one so I'm asking before I break anything!
    I have a 2014 Speed Triple R ABS model with straight through arrow lowboy mapped with 20524 from new. (love it)
    I had it dyno-ed to see if it was fuelling OK, and asked for it to be tweaked for optimum fuelling with a custom map.
    Attached are the dyno print and screenshots of the OEM map and custom map.
    I would appreciate any insight into what it all means.

    My interpretation is as follows:-

    1. The OEM map seems pretty good from the dyno run, with 73 ftlbs and 124 bhp max and steady power across the rev range. Nothing wrong with that eh?

    2. The custom map increases the torque to 77 ftlbs and bhp to 129, albeit with an increase in revs, and maintains the even delivery so a slight improvement but nothing drastic right?

    3. The time stamp of Dyno run 1 was 16:09 and the time stamp of Dyno run 2 was 16:24.
    Does that mean the tuner simply dyno-ed it, dropped an existing map on the ECU and re-ran the dyno again in the space of 15 minutes?

    4. I looked at the properties section of the maps computer file and the "custom" tune was originally written in 2012.
    I have searched the tuneECU files for a similar tune but haven't found one, so I guess this tune was written for a speed triple low boy in 2012 and is being offered to punters like me.

    5. The OEM map has a smooth transition of values across the F table but the "Custom?" map has a big notch in the values at 60-70% throttle opening. Whats that all about?

    6. I ran the "custom" tune for about a month and the bike runs great, but is a little lumpy at idle presumably because the O2 sensor was disabled? I can live with that.

    7. I reverted to the OEM tune with O2 sensor active and its definitely smoother at idle. I am staying with the OEM tune for now as I am a little suspicious of the "custom" tune especially the "notch", and would like to know a bit more about it.

    Any insights would be gratefully received.

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