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2007 speed triple
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  1. Speed Triple 1050 05-10/11
    Rear Brake Light - Triumph Speed Triple 1050 - 2007 Run into a problem, the rear brake light is on, but is not illuminating brighter with the foot brake pedal, front hand brake lights up correctly. Its not roadworthy to ride. :-( I've checked the fuses in position 3 - indicators, brake light...
  2. General Discussion
    I am thinking of doing an overhaul of my 2007 speedtriple, this is my first Triumph and also my first street bike. So, with this knoweledge would like to know a few things: Some background, I am from Singapore which means we need to pay about $6000 SGD to keep the bike usin for another 10years...
  3. Tuning
    Already sent a PM to another member but figured I would open it up to everyone. If I get a response, I will make sure to post. Before I go and start copying and pasting maps, does anyone here already have a TOD tune suitable for a plastic tank 2007 S3 (VIN ending in 282550)? I am sure other...
1-3 of 3 Results