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  1. Speed Triple 955i 02-04
    New to Triumphs and have an 02 Speed Triple. Rear brake seems useless. Have cleaned disk with 3m pad, brake cleaner and replaced pads. No difference. Disk is a bit grooved but not extreme. Front brakes work but the bike dives up and down when applied. No pulse through the lever - lever is...
  2. Kit & Gear
    Hi, Just bought myself an 04 955i, looking for an aftermarket muffler, found this special. Few left, apparently. Might even be worth shipping o/s from Australia. Thought somebody else might be interested :-)
  3. Speed Triple 955i 02-04
    I am looking for a 2004 955i service manual. Does anyone have one they are willing to share?
  4. Speed Triple 955i 02-04
    Hi community! My 2004 Speed Triple has developed a problem that seems to be getting worse. Below 2,500 rpm, I'm experiencing what feels to be a dead cylinder. The sound of the bike has more of a Bonneville sound at idle and when I initially take off. Above 2,500 rpm, the bike runs as it...
  5. General Discussion
    My 2004 S3 is cutting out during medium acceleration. The bike idles fine and runs well until ~50 throttle, it cuts out and surges power at that point. If I have the throttle wide open, the bike accelerates as normal without any hesitation. It feels like there is a "dead range" in the...
  6. New Member Introduction Area
    Hi there, Just got my hands on a 955i '00 from a good mate of mine in london (UK)... been livin/ridin in South East Asia on a scrambler 900 the past coupla years so my ridin style and mentality had to adapt pretty sharpish to all those funny white lines on the road and the little yellow box's...
  7. New Member Introduction Area
    Hi guys. The name's Tyler. I own a 2001 Speed Triple that I bought summer before last. She was my first bike, I bought her from an old guy who'd put 65k on her and then I put a little over 10k on her that summer. As of right now the bike is put up, she started to knock towards the end of that...
  8. For Sale/Wanted - All Motorcycles
    I am desperately looking for a set of top-quality used or new Daytona 955i/S3 1050 Arrow headers/down pipes in Australia. If anyone out there has some they are looking to sell, or knows where i can get some, please let me know. The best i have found so far are scratched and dented second-hand...
1-8 of 8 Results