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  1. How to
    I really only want to use ABS when it's wet - it's doing some freaky stuff to me under hard braking with big bumps on a couple of roads I have taken a thousand times on lots of different bikes. I actually feel like it's making these bits of road more dangerous, because it's cutting my braking...
  2. For Sale/Wanted - All Motorcycles
    Looking to trade 2009 tiger 1050 ABS for "new shape" speedy. North East UK. Hi all, I know it's not great form to make my first post here in the for sale/wanted but I don't have a speedy yet! I'm looking for a new shape speedy to trade to someone who might like a VCG Tiger 1050 ABS in black...
  3. Speed Triple 1050 11-
    Just thought I would share this little nugget of info , reading through the manual for my speed triple r , there is a section on disabling the abs temporarily . I.E say if you’re doing a track day . well upon initial investigation this option does not appear to be available . Upon reading an...
1-3 of 3 Results