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  1. Customization
    Will this monobloc type of calliper mount onto my bike? I have the black Showa forks and the bolt spacing is correct at 100mm. Will the recess be in the right place to accept the the disc? I believe its the Brembo M4 model.
  2. Trouble-shooting
    My front brakes on my 06 Speed Triple feel mushy and don't fully engage until the leaver is almost touching the throttle. First I flushed the fluid with 5.1. Then when that didn't change anything I replaced the pads with really good EBC sintered and still no change. Finally I rebuilt the master...
  3. Trouble-shooting
    I have rebuilt my rear master cylinder with new banjo bolts, washers, seal kit, connector kit. I have rebuilt the rear calipers with new pistons, seals, banjo bolts, and nipple. I cannot build pressure. I took everything apart again, and all the lines were clear and installed properly. All...
  4. Trouble-shooting
    Hi all, A couple questions to see if it's cool to just ride through it or if I need to address it. 2013 S3R picked up in May with 26 miles, now at 4200, ran hot all summer, only one christmas light event in traffic (pulled onto the shoulder for airflow). Cooling question: I figured 3 year...
  5. General Discussion
    Hello Everyone, I've found a 2006 Triumph Speed Triple with 13,500 miles for 4,895$ at a dealership. Looking at the instaVIN check I've seen that some 2006 Speed Triple were recalled. This is what actually the VIN says for the bike. Do you know if this means the bike has been serviced and...
1-5 of 5 Results