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  1. For Sale - Parts & Accessories
    This full factory exhaust system came off my 2006 Triumph Speed Triple 1050 after only 1 year. It was replaced with a complete ARROW system, so this one is in excellent condition.
  2. For Sale - Parts & Accessories
    Hello guys. I'm selling a brand new stock twin Y pipe speed tripe exhaust with cans and heat plate 2008. Message me if interested. Located in NY Thanks. JD
  3. For Sale - Parts & Accessories
    Arrow Slip-On Silencers, Speed Triple R/S, 2016 + Good day Ladies and gents, I'm selling my ARROW exhaust with a mid pipe from my 2017 Speed triple for the Speed Triple R/S, 2016 +. (A9600635). Used only for about 300 miles by myself. 400.- plus actual shipping cost!
  4. For Sale - Parts & Accessories
    I have a dual high mount setup off, everything you get is in the photos. Model is a discontinued dual outlet, Polish Ti Evo 3 Like new, about 1000 miles or less still have original box! PayPal for friends and family Shipping at your cost ball park $35 asking for $300 for complete set up...
  5. For Sale - Parts & Accessories
    Have a mint condition stock speedy exhaust for sale. cans Y pipe heat guard plates PM me if interested Thanks J **I'll add pics in a bit**
  6. Kit & Gear
    Hi, Just bought myself an 04 955i, looking for an aftermarket muffler, found this special. Few left, apparently. Might even be worth shipping o/s from Australia. Thought somebody else might be interested :-)
  7. For Sale - Parts & Accessories
    Up for sale is a stock full exhaust system for a 1994 speed triple 900. It is in pretty good condition, and i think it also fits daytona triples. Im asking $450obo and buyer pays shipping. Let me know if youre interested!
  8. Trouble-shooting
    Good evening all! I just purchased an '07 Speed Triple, and I love it. It's everything I ever wanted in a bike and then some. I'm beyond impressed. Just like any used bike purchase, however, there are things I know I'm going to need to touch/fix/adjust/make better before it's running at peak...
  9. For Sale - Parts & Accessories
    Leo Vince Low Muffler **SOLD** Sold
  10. Trouble-shooting
    My 2006 Triumph Speed Triple 1050 is about half as loud as it used to be. There are two key factors that occurred right before this happened. 1- the gear changing mechanism, the piece that connects the pedal under your left foot with the actual engine to change gears broke so I had to ride my...
  11. For Sale - Parts & Accessories
    Hi all, I have a very nice Staintune dual exhaust system from a 2006 speed triple. No scratches and in excellent condition. [email protected] text 404.502.0324
  12. New Member Introduction Area
    Hey all, So I've owned a 2008 since Nov of 2013, absolutely love it. If you are in Michigan or northern Ohio, please reach out, would love to meet fellow owners. I look forward to learning more on the forums and meeting some new peeps. Side note - the previous owner upgraded the exhaust with...
  13. For Sale - Parts & Accessories
    I've got a lot of bits in my garage that are in great shape as they were removed from my bikes (2007 and 2009 Speed Triple 1050) between 0 and 3K miles. Seems a shame for them to sit unused, so if you need, PM me with a reasonable offer. My list of bits (I probably have more than I've listed...
  14. For Sale/Wanted - All Motorcycles
    Hello, Due to my daughter being born I sold my Triumph Speed Triple and now I am selling the exhaust for it (Arrow AL4033). I will also include the Haynes service manual (hard back) with it or may sell separately. This Exhaust came off a 2007 Triumph Speed Triple. Please message me here or email...
  15. For Sale - Parts & Accessories
    Never pay retail, right? Help me out. 2013 speedy non r
  16. General Discussion
    I've been lurking here for a while as I hunt down my dream bike. I now own it '99 with 11k miles. I am absolutely loving owning a timeless beauty. Anyway, the guy I bought the bike from hardly rode it, but the owner before did a bunch of mods. There is some neat stuff on the bike but some...
  17. For Sale - Parts & Accessories
    SC-Project GP Evo Carbon Fibre Slip On Exhausts Triumph Speed Triple 07-10 For Sale are the SC-Project GP Evo slip-on exhausts that I fitted to my 2010 Triumph Speed Triple SE. According to SC-Project, these are compatible with the 07-10 models of the Triumph Speed Triple. Please see the SC...
  18. Speed Triple 955i 02-04
    Like almost everyone, wanted to have a deeper, louder exhaust sound. Would have loved to go all out with a full on system. But I figured I would give these slip-ons a try ($160 from ebay). So far so good, loving the sound over the stock exhaust. Not sure if I like the look of the short can, but...
  19. For Sale - Parts & Accessories
    So I recently did some work to my Speed, and now have a few bits and pieces (stock stuff) lying around - Original exhaust pipe ('Y' Piece) - Both original mufflers - Stock mirrors Also trying to pass on to someone I have - AirHawk seat, never used, but dont have box it came in anymore - A...
  20. How to
    So, If you have installed an aftermarket exhaust, and you have done the SAI delete or marble mod and popping persists, chances are you have an exhaust leak. A good way to tell the size of your exhaust leak is: -Loud, sharp pops, with no flame visible at night: SMALL LEAK -Burbly pops with...
1-20 of 24 Results