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  1. Suspension
    Hey all - put my '06 S3 into a local suspension guy here in Canberra (no names mentioned at present). Put in for weeping fork seal repair & while in there a suspension setup. Bike felt great on pick up rode her home felt better than ever. Until next day found pool of light oil under rear...
  2. Suspension
    Just picked up an 08 Speed triple and after riding for a few hundred miles, I noticed that some fluid was leaking out of the rear shock. The liquid seems to have come from where the hose from the 'cylinder' that's not part of the shock (sorry don't know the proper name) meets the top of the...
  3. How to
    So, If you have installed an aftermarket exhaust, and you have done the SAI delete or marble mod and popping persists, chances are you have an exhaust leak. A good way to tell the size of your exhaust leak is: -Loud, sharp pops, with no flame visible at night: SMALL LEAK -Burbly pops with...
1-3 of 3 Results