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  1. Speed Triple 1050 05-10/11
    Just bought my first bike at the age of 46 and as it turned out I just went for my dream bike, S3 -06. Trying the best I can to fix it up bit i’s a virtual jungle of shajt out on the market. Does anyone have any experiences with aftermarket rear lights? Bigger and brighter is better ‘cause I...
  2. Speed Triple 1050 05-10/11
    Rear Brake Light - Triumph Speed Triple 1050 - 2007 Run into a problem, the rear brake light is on, but is not illuminating brighter with the foot brake pedal, front hand brake lights up correctly. Its not roadworthy to ride. :-( I've checked the fuses in position 3 - indicators, brake light...
1-2 of 2 Results