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  1. Trouble-shooting
    Bought a 1998 speedy with electrical issues. traced back to the blue earth block. Ive done the grounding mod to the wiring, and the bike now runs, so hopefully that rules out the blue block of death. at some point during my investigations/fixing the alternator packed up. pulled it apart and...
  2. Trouble-shooting
    I think it may be the starter motor but before dropping 200 on a new one want to get everyone's opinion. Battery is new and retested, all good It's Charging Battery is 12.88 at rest 14+ when running Here are the symptoms Starter turns but sounds like the gears pop in and out every few...
  3. Trouble-shooting
    Is there a list of which bikes would have the good mosfet rec/reg to swap out with the speedy? The part number FH012AA seems to come up a lot, but I don't know if anyone's already done a cross reference of which bikes it comes standard on. I know it's probably on here somewhere, but I can't...
1-3 of 3 Results