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  1. Project garage
    Well, It’s time to turbo my 99’ Speed Triple. I LOVE THIS BIKE! It has just over 65k miles on it, including several cross-country trips. I have a couple of Triumphs, or it would have more miles on it. Last month, I let my girlfriend borrow it to ride to Arkansas to see family. While she was...
  2. New Member Introduction Area
    Hey fellow triple folks. I bought a used 2000 speedy in May of 2014, and got cut off by a moron in LA traffic in June. She has been in storage ever since. Now it's finally time to get her up and running.
  3. For Sale/Wanted - All Motorcycles
    Selling my '03 S3 that I purchased new in '04. 20,000 miles on the clock. Never laid down (but it has fallen over, parked in the gravel driveway). CRG mirrors and adjustable levers. SP Engineering shorty carbon exhaust. Comes with Triumph rear wheel stand (not pictured). Chicane Summit tail...
  4. New Member Introduction Area
    New to riding, new to triumph, new to maintenance, new to forums. Live in PA. I just bought a 02 Speed Triple with 4k miles on it. I wanna start off right, plug change, oil change, all the stuff that'll ensure it runs smoothly.... Can you guys give any advice on what kind of oil, any good...
  5. Tuning
    02 sprint with 04 Speedy engine. Yes the dreaded crankshaft failure. So I assume, but do not want to ever ASSume I should use the S3 flash? I have the cable and was about to download. It has a PowerMax under seat exhaust. Thanks in advance folks.
1-5 of 5 Results