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  1. General Discussion
    So I bought a used 07 speed 3 incredible condition low low miles. Turned on after a few days of owning it and instrument panel did its normal check and clearing went to push starter and all instrument panel went out turned off key turn back on after a bit turned back on did it's clearing went to...
  2. Trouble-shooting
    Mark Savage from the UK suggested changing the Power and Ground leads to Bigger Battery Terminals and Leads as well the headlight bulbs to LED..... What happens when the bike gets hot it raises the resistance in the wiring and bigger leads decrease the Resistance. Thicker Wires but same Length.
  3. Speed Triple 1050 05-10/11
    Hi all I HAVE A FEW QUESTIONS FOR ALL YOU FELLOW 1050 SPEED TRIPLE FANS. I Id appreciate if you can spare 5 to 10 to help out a fellow "Triumphenteerian"and hopefully sort my issue once and for all!!! Just a heads up it's been a very long and difficult diagnosis project without the facts and...
  4. Trouble-shooting
    Hello fellow speeders, I would normally come on here just to search for my problem but it was about time I just joined. First off I have a 2009 Speed triple with about 17,000 on it. Recently I have had a problem with it starting. The bike turns on and every light is normal but it doesn't even...
  5. Trouble-shooting
    I think it may be the starter motor but before dropping 200 on a new one want to get everyone's opinion. Battery is new and retested, all good It's Charging Battery is 12.88 at rest 14+ when running Here are the symptoms Starter turns but sounds like the gears pop in and out every few...
  6. Trouble-shooting
    Hey Fellers, Yesterday as I stopped for gas on my way home from work my starter went out on my 09 Triple... 25k miles. I wasn't sure at first what it was, but when I got home and took the starter cover off it was pretty evident. My questions are: 1. I understand after 06 they fixed the...
1-6 of 6 Results