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  1. Trouble-shooting
    Hello fellow speeders, I would normally come on here just to search for my problem but it was about time I just joined. First off I have a 2009 Speed triple with about 17,000 on it. Recently I have had a problem with it starting. The bike turns on and every light is normal but it doesn't even...
  2. Trouble-shooting
    I think it may be the starter motor but before dropping 200 on a new one want to get everyone's opinion. Battery is new and retested, all good It's Charging Battery is 12.88 at rest 14+ when running Here are the symptoms Starter turns but sounds like the gears pop in and out every few...
  3. Trouble-shooting
    Hey Fellers, Yesterday as I stopped for gas on my way home from work my starter went out on my 09 Triple... 25k miles. I wasn't sure at first what it was, but when I got home and took the starter cover off it was pretty evident. My questions are: 1. I understand after 06 they fixed the...
1-3 of 3 Results