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  1. Factory
    My rear caliper has been having issues and I pulled it apart, and the piston cups are pitted. I'm attempting to clean them up but I'm not sure if the bores are buggered up, so I'm thinking about swapping out for another caliper. My question is this: Are there any other bikes that have the same...
  2. Customization
    Does anyone know if there are other bikes out there whose passenger pegs are transplantable onto a 2011 S3. The factory ones are nothing but a goofy eyesore once you ditch the undertail cans. Remember that the '11+ pegs mount differently than the previous years. And yes, I know the tank and the...
  3. For Sale/Wanted - All Motorcycles
    Looking to trade 2009 tiger 1050 ABS for "new shape" speedy. North East UK. Hi all, I know it's not great form to make my first post here in the for sale/wanted but I don't have a speedy yet! I'm looking for a new shape speedy to trade to someone who might like a VCG Tiger 1050 ABS in black...
1-3 of 3 Results