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  1. Trouble-shooting
    For some reason my headlights started acting strange, when I'd try to turn on the high beams or use the pass/flash button, I'd have to hit the button/switch 3-7 times before it would actually work. I assumed the switch contacts might be dirty or worn so I took apart the switch and cleaned...
  2. Trouble-shooting
    So my fuel light has been coming on and going off at really random times, with no regard to actual fuel level. It'll come on 10 minutes after I've filled the tank, but not come on when it's totally empty, and I decided to tear into it and see what's up. I removed the pump/filter assembly and...
  3. Wanted - Parts and Accessories
    Looking to buy a right side kill/start switch in good working condition for my 2005 Triumph Speed Triple. Didn't realize the one on the bike I just bought was cracked. Live in Vancouver Canada, but also have U.S. address where it could be shipped to. If you got one kicking around? please PM me.
1-3 of 3 Results