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  1. Tuning
    I am new to this forum and was needing some help and advice. I have a 2008 speed with a low Mivv, filter and Sai removed . I purchased this bike like this and the owner said he could figure out why it surges. I am also not happy with the power loss after 5000 rpm . I feel like it doesn't...
  2. Speed Triple 1050 05-10/11
    So tonight marks my first experience with TuneECU and it was not a good one. Here is where I am at, hoping someone can help. 1. Installed MIVV low mount exhaust 2. Successfully connected TuneECU 3. Read the OEM map and saved the tune 4. Reconnected TuneECU and initiated the download of the...
  3. Tuning
    02 sprint with 04 Speedy engine. Yes the dreaded crankshaft failure. So I assume, but do not want to ever ASSume I should use the S3 flash? I have the cable and was about to download. It has a PowerMax under seat exhaust. Thanks in advance folks.
  4. Tuning
    I got the bike back from the dealer after the 1st service and checked via TuneECU what map they put on - it is the 20488 (Arrow slip-on, 91 Ron/87 AKI fuel) and apparently the only map they use. However, based on the TuneECU mapping table for my bike, I thought I could/should use the 20487...
1-4 of 4 Results