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‘05 Speed Triple - GAS TANK REMOVAL

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So… I’m converting an ‘05 “Speed-Tona” race bike back into a street legal Speed Triple.
The bike is currently outfitted with clip-ones - full body work removed - & I intend to put the riser bars that it was meant to have BACK on the bike as Triumph intended; here’s the rub…

I’ve been told by several people that removing the tank on an ‘05 Speed Triple is tricky - how, I don’t know yet, but I was gifted a digital factory manual for the bike by dr_gallup (thanks doc) that I hope will help.

The ask is… DOES ANYONE WITH HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE REMOVING THE GAS TANK HAVE ANY ADVISE / GUIDANCE TO OFFER BEYOND THE MANUAL THAT WILL ALLOW ME TO AVOID CREATING A HUGE PROBLEM FOR MYSELF? Nuances on how to remove? …special moves, twists or turns that aren’t obvious? Petcock for turning off gas? Hoses to remove? WHAT NOT TO DO OR REMOVE,.

Any help at all to make this more obvious & smooth would be GREATLY appreciated.

Cheers - Scott
Salem, VA
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I never thought it was difficult. If possible run most of the gas out of the tank, makes it lighter and easier to handle but not strictly necessary. There are only 2 bolts. One is right behind the steering head and easily reached with a socket on a short extension. 8 mm IIRC. Just loosen that one several turns, don't completely remove it. You have to take the seat off to get to the back bolt. Take it out, then you can lift the back of the tank up slightly. There are two vent hoses near the back that push on to vertical nipples. Just pull them off. You may want to label them as it's very easy to mix them up. Then you can lift the back of the tank more and disconnect the electrical connector. Then there are the two fuel lines that have quick connects that you pull back the plastic collar and pull off. They are supposed to shut off but have been known to drip a little or a lot so have some rags ready. Then you can slide the tank back and lift it off. That's from memory as I have not done it recently but I don't think I forgot anything.
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I sincerely appreciate all that you’ve done to help me - in this situation, it matters. Your run-down of the tank removal is going to be huge for me; written in logical, sequential steps that my brain understands… Thank you 🙏🏻

I'm hoping that installing the riser bars (remove clip-ons, controls, grips, reinstall) - including rerouting cables, which I have no idea what / how they were rerouted - will be as logical as removing the tank, thanks to you.

I’ll let you know how it goes, & thank you again; like I said, it matters…

Cheers - Scott
in this video the tank removal is visible.
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