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So I bought a used 07 speed 3 incredible condition low
low miles. Turned on after a few days of owning it and
instrument panel did its normal check and clearing
went to push starter and all instrument panel went out
turned off key turn back on after a bit turned back on
did it's clearing went to start made clicking nose panel
went back out ? Thought it was a battery went bought
new battery everything worked fine for a few months.
Spark Plugs fouled changed them and bike running
great now as of a couple days ago instrumental panel
problem again? Except this time I turn key on and after
panel clears readying to start panel clicks off and even
if I turn key back and fourth doesn't come back on so I
can start bike? So I take off battery terminals and
reconnect and it's like it resets instrument panel after
unhooking and rebooking up of the battery. So sorry
long story so now It seems to some times allow me to
start bike and sometimes not but every time I take off
seat and unhook terminals and rebook it fires up.
Frustrated! But love bike.
Unfortunately I live on the big
island of Hawaii no mechanics here work on Triumphs
spoke to previous owner said never had the issue but it
also had low miles he rarely ever drove it whereas I
drive it everyday hour commute. I'm at a complete loss
an desperate as it's my main mode of transportation
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