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02 S3 Wolf/Trident Underseat Exhaust Install

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First off...I absolutely love my new exhaust. I've had it for about a week.

I researched this for quite some time and found mixed reviews, but I knew I had to have this look. You can imagine what this cost for USA import, but still worth it.

The install was not very difficult at all, but was lengthened due to my stupidity…like breaking the plastic gas fitting with a wrench and similar. If I had to do it again, it would take me an hr, but two evenings on the first try. You do lose a little storage, but still have the sides, tail light area and some on top of the under tray (flat items). You no longer can use the piece that cups the light, but I foresee a dremel modification when I have the time. Everything arrived in perfect shape due to excessive bubble wrapping, build quality is good (some tool marking on the bends, but only noticeable when you’re looking for it). Carbon fiber looks great and good polishing on the tips (I’d say wrap them with something until you’re ready to bolt it up so you don’t scratch them). I had two minor leaks at first. One at the pipe which went away with when I further tightened the clamp and a lower one I just used a very small amount of silicon, because I didn’t feel like messing with it. The directions were very basic…maybe harder for those who need a lot of detailed pic, but it’s all common sense stuff. License plate hanger is the only thing I’ll fab up so I don’t have to drill holes in mine. Plenty of room for my tire hugger.


I had a MHP pipe which sounded pretty good and loud at higher rpms, but the dual Trident’s sound amazing. Deeper and louder...more so than the sound bites I found. More sound seems to be channeled forward too, which I noticed helped when splitting traffic. I like that it sounds so much better and pronounced at low rpms and I don’t have to rev it the hell up to get noticed - lot’s of heavy California traffic. Performance wise it just feels better, revs up quicker & more torque all they way through. Caution, it’s loud and you may want the DB killers (which I did not want) for those who need some quite time. It pops less than my previous pipe, but I had the wrong tune for that one too. I expect to fix this next week via a TOR tune. Also, I have more foot peg room.

So far, everyone loves it...including me.

Peter Sorrell was great to deal with and very helpful.

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Looks great mate.Now why carnt Oldsquid do something like that
Looks awesome! nice one. :drink:
Looking good, love the pic from directly behind.
If I had a 955 that's the system I would get. I like the look of the trident systems, I was going to get one for my 1050, but have no $$$. I wonder how hot your seat will get, I'm sure not bad.
Yes, definitely pricy. I didn’t notice additional seat heat, but some of my gear in storage was warm...I still keep my sunglasses in a plastic carrier by the tail light, which didn’t get too hot. I rarely ride double unless she’s really hot and begs for a ride, so I have no comment about a passenger’s a$$.

Thanks for the comments.
Bitchinnnnnnnnnnnnnn! :pow:
Great looking bike Eric.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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