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06 Triple Fixed

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Bike had fouled plugs -mechanic at dealer replaced plugs and programed computer with new MAP called HIGH FLOW #20702

lesson learned-do not open throttle when starting these FI bikes!!!
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well, a fairly simple fix. I am glad it wasnt anything to bad.... now, TIME TO RIDE!

PS: thanks for the follow up post..
Mine had the same problem. It happened after the bike had been in the shop for suspenison work. It went through several start/stop cycles there without ever warming up. Ran okay when I loaded it on the truck then that was it. Plugs were stinky wet. I've got TORS, 20087 map and a PC. The PC doesn't have any correction at low throttle opening and rpm, though. This has been quite a while and the problem hasn't reoccurred.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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