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I Id appreciate if you can spare 5 to 10 to help out a fellow "Triumphenteerian"and hopefully sort my issue once and for all!!!

Just a heads up it's been a very long and difficult diagnosis project without the facts and knowledge of how to correctly repair it with once and for all no fears of it playing up everytime you go somewhere and stop. So hear it goes!

I bought a 2006 speed triple 1050 a year ago. I noticed it has a few Fairley major issues after I bought it.

apparently sprag had given way and been replaced by previous owner (before him) around 18000km he said. but the issue has come back again within 8000km. Has 26000km now.

I Don't truely know the condition it was garaged, stored and rode like prior to me buying it. I Assume he kept it in the garage and kept the battery on a charger because he said once I bought it to make sure U keep the battery at 100% or it won't start. he must of knew the sprag, battery,wiring, ignition harness ,"whatevers causing the issues"

So the story is I bought it, then on my way home I stopped to fuel up and stretch.I turned the key to start/on position wen leaving the servo and it was dead nothing at all.( I need to remember been a while now) but pretty sure ( it had no lights on cluster at all and couldn't n't hear the fuel pump.) So I turned it off and on and seemed fine, started straight away at that point.🤔

Maybe a day or 2 later I noticed the sprag clunking after a couple of revolutions.(ONLY WEN COLD).

It did eventually start after a few clunks its almost seemed like something jamed up and instantly stoped The engine still.
Call me crazy but I thought it seemed to sound,feel smoother FREEER, when it was going to start without that loud cracking sprag clash noise.

I have done some research and found a bunch of previous threads mentioning it is a symptom of a faulty sprag is that right? Also they mentioned bad battery which I doubt it is that as I have bought 3 batteries that didn't change a thing still did it with a new battery that was fully charged.

(NOT 100% SURE whether lights turn on but no pump or starter action or if it's fully dead)
Then I think I have worked out that the bikes ignition may be playing up aswell.
When I turn it on it does nothing absolutely dead. It seems like I have to turn it on and off slowly waiting a few seconds each time and eventually I find the sweet spot "maybe"which didn't clash and fired up ok.

I guess what im asking is:

1: How can I test a motorcycle ignition barrel to see if it is at fault? Could that be Causing the power issues wearing sprag and starter. "If that's actually the fault."

2: How many pcm's or ecu's are in a 2006 triumph speed triple? If so where can i locate the module or modules and find a colour schematic so I can chase wires if need be.

3: Also what else would you recommend to check for if there is power coming out of ignition but no power to the starter

4: here's a list of what I'm going to test
To help try determine ignition/starting fault. Anything I miss please let me know as I'm desperate for any ideas as they all help.

Old sprag clutch and gears for signs of damage/wear

Starter trigger switch to starter Remote trigger.

All loose wiring including around the neck.

from battery to ignition then from ignition to fuse box and relay circuits

From the harness to the ignition barrel startermotor
solenoid, from there to startermotor trigger

Harness to computer

Harness to clutch switch and switch itself

Wiring from battery to ignition and starter

All fuse wiring is all ok and not frayed or chewed.

e There is correct voltage/ amperage coming through the starter motor main power supply cable and switch side of starter relayG

Too much more information to say so I'll leave it at that and hope to get some advice and hopefully learn a couple of things whilst correctly repairing my trumpy

Thanks all I appreciate all ur time and effort U all put into reading this essay, I'm looking forward to hearing all your suggestions and comments. Feel free to leave any helpful comments and tips😉

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Hello,, slowed by since it's been forever since I checked the nut factor left.

On your issue. The bike needs a GOOD BATTERY, AT LEAST A 14 SERIES. I put a Lithium with fat cables. If you pull the sprag apart, after fixing the battery issue stock is 12 series.
Get some 600 wet/dry soaked in oil. Give all the shiny round bits a wipe down. Dull is nice, shiny = slippery. NOT GOOD..

Older 06 to 2017 or so they tweaked the sprag.

IF the standard crowd. HAY CHEAPBastard give me a yell bitch. Been too long hope your doing well along with the kid's.

The forum used to be give ya a hard time. Why we are board.

PM me, it might leave me a email. Not sure. Peace.
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