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In honor of the torrential rains, gale force wind and general crappiness of the weather here in the NY-metro area brought on by this Nor'easter, I thought I would reflect on the most excellent moto-day that was yesterday. in case you were wondering, here's how my Saturday went...

Up at 7am... cool but not a cloud in the sky... on the Triple until 10:30am... then back home...
Back on the Triple at Noon... getting warmer... meet with "Tealetm"... ride until 5:00pm... then back home...
Swap bikes...
Jump on the Speedmaster at 5:45pm... ride into NYC to pick up my wife in Soho at 7pm...
Park the Speedmaster back in the garage next to the Triple at 9pm... rest my tired ass.

Moto-licious! And I'm not even bummed about the day today. The couch rules!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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