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Hi All
Sorry to tread over old ground, but I have not been able to find an answer going through the old posts.

I have a '97 T509 Speed Trip with the 885cc engine.

It ran very well when I got it a good few years ago, but was off road for about 3 years following an MoT advisory for play in the rear suspension linkages, also as I had got my old air cooled dinosaur on the road and was really enjoying that!

However during '20 lockdown I got my backside into gear and sorted the rear suspension issues that took it of the road in the first place. All good now, but I have continual problems getting it to fuel correctly since.

The tank was replaced with a NOS item as the original had suffered from ethanol/water expansion.
The fuel pump and filter were replaced with genuine Triumph replacement (the original pump was seized due to old fuel).
I had the injectors cleaned and serviced but cannot find the test sheet (if there ever was one).
The air filter is a K&N.
New plugs.
Oil and coolant replaced.
IACV Hoses replaced.
Coolant hoses replaced.
I have replaced fuel hoses as the originals were over 20years old!
With it back on the road it seemed to be as if it was running with the ignition retarded lacking power and no go.

Checked the fuel delivery at a steady 3 bar as I can test it, but not while riding down the road. Will hold a static 3 bar until the engine fires, so leak back through the pump or fuel regulator valve.
I used to use Tuneboy to swap tunes for my MoT friendly stock exhaust and my TOR low fitted exhaust. I have moved to TuneEcu and that seems to be able to download the required tune without fault. I am working with standard exhaust and tune in order to get it running properly as a baseline.
No error codes or MI lamp

I did take it to a reputable tuning/dyno shop for a diagnostic run, but the bike was running so lean (not registering a A/F ratio of less than 26) he declined to run it any further.

So that's most of the background. Here's the questions......

I bought a set of injectors from a well known breaker in the UK. I sent them to a different place to be cleaned/tested/serviced and have had them returned. Complete with a test result sheet.

Generally they were good but a clean and service has put them all the same with a clean bill of health.

But (there's always a but) the test sheet states that the all deliver 285cc/min at 3 bar.

Now the TuneEcu states that the injector flow for the T509-885cc should be 308.8.

So my thinking is that these injectors are not for an 885cc engine as suggested by the breaker and fitting them will give other fueling issues possibly in addition to the ones I have!

More info they carry the numbers 01D004A and 0127
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So clearly the original injectors need to go off to be checked and a report supplied on return. I'm getting good at removing and replacing the airbox:rolleyes: But (here we go again) if they are faulty what can I replace them with?

I am running out of ideas (and the aircooled is going like a train.....)

Any useable suggestions as to what I need to do to get the Speed Trip running again, as I did really enjoy riding it

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Thanks for the reply. After some more searching and finding your post with the info regarding injectors and triumph models. It seems my T509 is classed as a 900, so is probably an early one. I took a blurry photo of one of the original injectors and it matches your data table.

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I will continue with this challenge.....

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That’s great info.
I have a set of D3173A’s on way.
I will also do a search for the replacements.
Thanks for your help. hopefully I’ll get the issue pinned down soon and get to enjoy the Speed Trip!
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