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2003 S3 paint match

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Hi all, I'm getting ready for some winter work on the S3. Got the paint codes for Triumph but I'm not sure which silver is the original 2003 S3 silver. Where can I run my VIN # to find out? Or does anyone know which it is? Thanks everyone.
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Sorry, I'm of no help. But I do wonder what it is you are looking to paint? I know someone in the other forum told you to do a custom color but I don't think I'd mess around with that sweet silver you've got there. ;)
Thanks for the compliment. I do like the silver too. I'm going to paint it all, I think. Plus I have an extra tank to do some custom airbrushing on. You know a Dr. Jekyll, Mr Hyde kinda deal. That'll throw off the local heat huh?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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