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Hi guys,

I’ve got a mysterious oil leak on my 2014 Speed Triple that I can’t seem to figure out, short of removing the motor.

Here’s the story,
Bought the bike recently used. I was told it had an oil leak that drips from the left side , but it didn’t deter me as I work in the bike industry. Trailered the bike home, put on the side stand no leak. Started the bike, let it get to full operation temp, still no oil leak. Let it cool down for the night, return in the morning still no leak.
I’ve check everything from the posts, not the gear position sensor, not the shift shaft seal, not the clutch rod seal either. Also inspected the air box in case the po over filled the oil and it would build to much pressure and fill the air box then leak out. Air box was bone dry and clean.
Took the bike for a short 5km ride. Parked the bike on the side stand and behold, it was dripping oil and it had got on the left side of the rear tire as well.
Upon inspection, the oil looks to be coming from the back left side of the motor right in front of where the regulator/rectifier is mounted. No oil from the center of the back of the motor to the right.
I wiped it down very good and after it cooled down only a few drips came down. Then after cleaning, no drips.
Again it only leaks when it is being ridden.
So I pulled the sprocket cover off and it had a bit of oil residue along where the cover meets the block. Wiped it down. Now in my experience if it was a counter shaft seal the chain would have the engine oil on it as well. My chain is dry aside from chain lube.
Took it for a ride again same issue. Leaking oil. Parked the bike and looked and again the very back part of the left side of the block was wet with oil. Which then found it’s way down the left side of the motor and followed the path down the front sprocket and leaked on the floor, but behind the front sprocket was dry.

I’m stumped and wondering if anyone has come across this issue before.
Thanks for reading my short novel!
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