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Dear Members and experts
I am from India to begin with. I bought a pre-owned 2014 S3 1050 in September 2020 and later found an oil leak from crankcase. The bike was under extended warranty so raised the issue to local dealership. They opened the crankcase, changed all the gaskets and O-rings and put it back together in 40 days. I ran the bike for about 30 kms and found that its heating more than usual and was running a lot tighter and rougher also not as smooth and punchy as before. Also the cold start (cold meaning first start in morning ) is at about 2000 rpm, which is unusual. I also noticed that even before a cold start there is one bar in the guage already and by the time i clock the first kms (2 min max) the bars reach half way. it reaches to 6-7 bars on 30-45 second traffic light, however radiator fan kicks in. The ambient temp these days is about 37 C during the time of my ride, which is not too high compared to peak summer. However, i did an early morning run as well and noticed the same thing.

Problem statement: After it gets too hot, it gives me only 2-3 self start and then it denies to start. I gave it to dealership, they checked battery, stator and all possible things, even the coolant is fresh and no air in it. We found that the radiator fan actually never turns off unless we are moving in colder air or riding above 100 kmph speed. Then the bars reduce by only 1 as long as we continue to ride at high speeds. If you turn-off the bike for a fuel stop or usual brief stop, it will restart once or twice but then refuses to start. So what i understand is battery cant provide enough juice everytime the radiator fan and engine wants to start at the same time.

In short, the rate of heating is higher than rate of cooling. The sound of engine is also bit rougher, tighter and restricted and it feels strangely slow and not the hooligan type, infact the street triple can leave it in dust easily. Its like someone detuned the engine to lesser power. Can someone tell, what could be the issue here? Do we have to reopen everything again? The technician got some tappet noise, which according to him got resolved after a conference call with Triumph UK. Could solving that have invited a new trouble? I am without a bike for 2 months now and have no idea when i would be able to rider her free. I should have let the oil leaked and refilled as needed. Sometimes perfection creates more problems, it seems.
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